Maidcafe during a day.

It’s been a week since my last update. I was tied up pretty bad with the college assignments.

Don’t have anything to say more, here is the new H chapter from Makinosaka Shinichi which I promised to translate.

Maidcafe during a day





E-musu Aki – Poolside’s temptation.

Or Poolside no Yuuwaku, temptation of poolside. I don’t know xD

E-musu Aki is an artist that I like, the same time with hate. IMHO, his works are contradicted. Sometimes he draws beautiful women with really hot sex, sometimes he draws some fat women having sex (Not my taste, sorry). But either way, He surely knows how to draw slut women. I just love the way he draws their eyes, so sexy. xD

Anyway, here is the chapter. Since this is a magazine scan, the censore is pretty bad. But still I enjoyed it.





Dual Girls chapter 11

Here is Dual Girls chapter 11. As many of you noticed, I got the name wrong in the last chapter. It’s supposed to be chapter 10 instead of chapter 11. So this chapter I named it chapter 10. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can rename it as you like.

Chapter 11 – Reito





And this is the complete volume, included colored cover pages and stuffs.




So this is the first H manga I completed :D. Yay me πŸ˜€

Code Geass – C.C Lemonade R2

Today release is a Code Geass doujin. It’s full color.The art is to beautiful that I can’t help but love it :D.

I’ve wanted to translate this one earlier. It’s the same artist with Spice and Wolf – Horo Hororon (Thank to One of a Kind Production), Mahiru Tei.

Digging to his blog, I see that he’s also the main artist of Light studio, an eroge production studio. Personally, I don’t play eroge since it takes forever for me to finish. But I do enjoy CG, and I saw his 2 set CG Imitation Lover and Rurururu something :D. It’s figgin’ hot. Check it out if you have time.





Final word:


Another one shot, Student’s Motivation, it’s what we need.

Student’s motivation comes first of Makinosaka Shinichi.

I came across this manga while surfing hentai manga sharing Japanese websites. I’m so surprised that I didn’t know about this author before. His art work is pretty, H scene is hot *_*. I’m even more surprised that no one attempted to translate any of his works so far (or someone but i didn’t know :D). It’s ashamed since IMHO, I think he’s worth a penny. πŸ˜€

Seems like he hasn’t released a takoubon yet, there’re only bunch of one shot in Megastore according to Mugimugi.

Right now, I only have this manga and another, One day in Maid Cafe. I appreciate it if anyone has his other chapters.

Anyway, here is the chapter.





P/s: I’ll for sure will translate the other chapter πŸ˜€ just wait for it.

Archive Folders

It took me the whole days to upload all the works i’ve done. Somehow i missed one chapter, but I don’t know what it is. Manga folders in my PC are all messed up.

I’m currently searching for some good Hmangas. The one I usually visited, Hentai Balance, isn’t there anymore. That’s a shame since I think it’s a good site. Hentai Mangas is good, too, but it isn’t updated as frequent as Hentai Balances, and the updates were just random.

I appreciate if anyone show me other websites. πŸ˜€

Anyway here are what I still keep in archive:

Dual Girls ch1-10

Karada no Koi ch1-4

Code Geass – Ura Youkoso, Seitokai he!

Code Geass – Tasting dog

Spice and wolf – DLaction43

Spice and wolf – wolf and werewolf

Spice and wolf – wolfroad

Haruhi – Let’s keep it secret

Ichigo100% – Love tamborine

School Rumble – HarimaX

To love Ru – Travelling




I\’m back, with Dual Girls

A brief sum of my last year: Return from the so-called vacation, have a part-timeΒ  job, don’t have time to fool around with H manga anymore, got laid off because of the stupid recession or something last month, don’t have anything to do beside college for now.

So I’m back. *_*

Edited: I forgot password of the blog !_! so I changed it.Β  I’ll update the archive later on.

Anyway, there are 2 more chapters of Dual Girls left, here is one.

The name is ROAD.





Edited:Β  apparently I got the chapter wrong. This should be chapter 10 instead of 11.

But well, nothing harms, they’re one shots anyway. :d